HEART of the BEHOLDER (available on Amazon) is an award-winning independent movie that I produced.  It was also the film debut of Chloe Grace Moretz.

The fact that any movie ever gets made is an absolute miracle.  It took over 14 years for Forrest Gump to make it into theaters.  For Producers who aren't part of the studio system, it means begging for couch change, getting favors for equipment and production skills, and paying acting talent on a deferred basis. 

Producing HEART of the BEHOLDER tested my life skills after working over 30 years in Hollywood.  It was also a true test of my character and integrity.  Below are just a few of the many endorsements I received from people around the world who put their money and trust into my award-winning feature film project.

Dwain Deets              Tom Flynn                Lisa Ridlon              John Scalise

Bob Tee                       John Masters           Stan Lieber             Susan Sackett

Dean Butler               Ronald Glossop       Richard Young       Jerri Higgins

Bill Blazier                  Vance Meyer            Ken Nahigian