BUDGET: Min. $7.5 million - Max. $30 million

Production Crowdfunding Raised to Date

From Donations: $41,255

From Memorial Coins: $22,400

From Theme Song Downloads: $73,120

Pledged IF the Minimum Budget is Reached: $1,350,000

Current Amount Raised: $1,486,775

PLEASE NOTE: Everyone who donates or buys products from our website will get a code to stream the HD version of the movie at no cost.

There is no plan to use money raised for the production of the movie to be given to the representatives of the 239 passengers and crew. However, funds received from the distribution of the MALAYSIA 370 movie will be allocated to the 239 families. The goal is to be able to give each family $100K for a total output of $23,900,000.

In Darlene’s first film, she tried to raise $500K but only raised $437K. All funds were returned, but Darlene was still successful in getting her award-winning movie made.

For more info, read Darlene’s producer endorsements.

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