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Testimonial from Dean Butler

To Whom It May Concern:

Several years ago when Darlene and Ken first talked to us about Heart of the Beholder (HOTB) we were impressed and somewhat skeptical at the same time.  Here were two people with no prior film making experience who had great passion for a story with maybe limited commercial appeal because of budget and casting considerations, but great human appeal because its about a good person who does the right thing for all the right reasons.  They didn't tell us at the time that this was Ken’s true story, but that didn't matter, we liked Darlene & Ken and they seemed like the living embodiment of their script.  They went on to tell us about their Internet funding scenario and the promised refund if goals weren't met, and we were sold.  Judging Darlene & Ken as honest, well intentioned people we thought “what can we loose”, and made a modest on-line contribution.  Frankly, we didn't give it another thought.  A few months later, after the funding deadline had come and gone, we received a check from HOTB for the full amount of our contribution.  I'll repeat it...true to their word, we received a refund check from HOTB for the full amount of our contribution.  It was a simple thing but we'll never forget it.

It says something about the cynical times we live in that we were surprised and even humbled that Darlene & Ken actually did what they said they were going to do.  In word and deed they fulfilled their promise to us to the penny.  But our good feeling didn't come from getting the money back...the good feeling came from the fact that Darlene & Ken made us feel good about our faith in them.  By the way, we've seen the movie and we were impressed by the outcome.

We have no doubt that when Darlene & Ken set out to raise funds for their next venture in film or anything else that they will find a very receptive group of potential backers ready to listen and likely to invest because they, as people and partners, exceed expectations.  Their personal commitment to exceed expectations is something we are honored to be associated with because it validates our faith in the best of human nature and that’s more important than the money we put back in the bank.  We've spent the money, but we'll never forget that Darlene & Ken are two people who fulfill their promises.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

Most Sincerely,
Katherine & Dean Butler - Actor/Writer/Producer

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