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Testimonial from John Scalise

I am one of the people who pre-purchased a DVD and made a loan to you for the production of "Heart of the Beholder."  When you made your original pitch I was very skeptical, but the amount of money to purchase a DVD was small so I did it.  When you were not able to raise the money in this way I was pleased that the money I had sent was returned promptly.

When you then asked for loans, I publicized your request far and wide-I am the president of the Great Lakes Humanist Society and run several email lists-in an effort to get the movie made.  I told people about my first experience with you, but sadly, many were skeptical and felt they might be duped.  My wife and I sent you $500.  Quite honestly it was a lot of money for us and I was half expecting to never see it again.  I was particularly skeptical of your promised return on investment.  If I remember correctly it was something like 25% per year.

I sent the money because I felt if freethinkers did not stand together on a project like this, we would never get our views out to the general public.  I followed with interest the ups and downs of production, and when your ran into distribution problems I figured my investment was lost.  Then, you sent an email saying that the repayment checks were in the mail. Within the week I received my check for more than $800, a return rate of 64.84%!

You have kept your word despite your own personal struggles making this film.  Your integrity is impeccable.  Thank you for allowing my wife and I to be a part of the effort.

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