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Testimonial from Kenneth E. Nahigian

I have followed the Heart of the Beholder project since its earliest phases, and was extremely pleased with all my dealings with Darlene and Ken Tipton.  News updates were regular; responses to questions have been timely and informative.  You thanked investors with personal phone calls, a nice touch.  When HOTB Productions had to slip its original production deadline, you immediately returned all loans and donations, precisely as promised, rather than hanging on to the money or pleading for more time.  When the movie appeared, it was a 5-time Best Feature Film award-winner.  And after production you repaid all loans on schedule, with interest to the penny.

This was my first experience investing in a film production, and it left me with such a good feeling, I am likely to do it again.

Thank you, Darlene and Ken.

Kenneth E. Nahigian

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