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Testimonial from Ronald J. Glossop

I learned about the effort to produce HEART OF THE BEHOLDER as a result of being a member of the St. Louis Rationalist Society and reading about it in their monthly bulletin SECULAR SUBJECTS.  I decided to loan the minimum $100 because of the information I had received about the project and the promised return of 25% interest compounded daily for 2 years.  I realized that I might just lose the whole $100, but on the other hand I wanted to support this kind of project.  As I got more information about how things were proceeding, I gradually felt more confident that I had invested in a well-organized effort.  When I found myself with a bit more money than I needed at the moment, I decided to loan another $500.

Being kept up-to-date on how the project was proceeding was crucial to my support.  I felt good that I had been able to be a very small part of such a worthwhile effort.  I felt even better when I eventually did get all my money back with the promised interest. 

If Darlene Tipton were to ask me for another loan in the future or even another outright contribution, I would be happy to make it. She has demonstrated that she is as good as her word and that she knows how to focus on an important big project and bring it to completion.

Ronald J. Glossop
Professor Emeritus (philosophy and peace studies),
Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville

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