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Testimonial from Stan Lieber

Ken Tipton has been a client of our firm for many years.  In all of our dealings with him, he has shown the utmost integrity and trustworthiness, not only in dealing with us, but in all of the many agreements he entered into with others.  His primary goal has always been to treat those he was dealing with in a fair and honest manner.  If only we had more clients like Ken; life would be great.

So, when Ken brought Darlene on board to produce his movie, I did not hesitate when I was asked to loan money for the production costs.  Darlene and Ken promised to pay back all of the money with interest and I agreed.  My son, Jason, who is now a young attorney (practicing as a Public Defender in Riverside), and had met Ken, also agreed to loan money for the project.  I can't say that I was surprised when we received checks covering our loans plus a good amount of interest.  I was surprised, though, that we received checks beforea distribution deal in place.

Anyway, continued good luck with the movie (which I and obviously others thought was great).  Let me know if there is anything else I can do.


Stanley P. Lieber

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