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Testimonial from Tom Flynn

I loaned $250 to Darlene Lieblich Tipton toward making HEART OF THE BEHOLDER.  I viewed the cause as so noble that I really didn't care whether I saw the money again, but I followed the production with great interest. I was able to do this both through Darlene's indefatigable email communiques and also because part of the film was shot at our Los Angeles branch center. There was no question in my mind that Darlene and her husband, Ken, were dead serious and determined to make a major indie film.  Still, I figured I'd get my money back when Hell, Michigan, froze over ... there's no greater crap-shoot than indie film production!

That's why I have to tell you, I'm in awe of the Darlene's integrity.  Not only did I get my promised DVD of the completed film almost as soon as the film was completed ... lo and behold I got my $250 back ... plus a second check for almost 2 years interest at 68.84%! Compounding the wonder, that payment wasn't even owed until Beholder Productions had inked a distribution deal.  Darlene made this monumental payout from personal funds, just because it was the right thing to do.

I'm no babe in the woods.  I ponied up my money expecting never to see it again because I thought the film was that important.  Instead I got paid back on exactly the terms promised ... under circumstances in which the filmmakers didn't really owe the money yet!  If Christians could manage that kind of stand-up behavior, the world would be a better place.

Yes, the incredible dream-story of how HEART OF THE BEHOLDER got made is real, and yes the "investors" got treated with far more than honesty and integrity.  It's (pardon the expression) a Hollywood miracle story.  I'm editor of FREE INQUIRY, America's largest circulation secular humanist magazine, you can reach me days M-F Eastern at 716-636-7571 ext 213, and I'm happy to vouch for Darlene Lieblich Tipton and confirm that her wacky story is exactly (and precisely) "on the money." Yes, it really happened!

Secularly yours,
Tom Flynn

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